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This days, the world is revolving around the orbital trajectory of vigorous competition. World countries, economic (agriculture, industry, trade, etc.), military equipment and technology, citizens life style, and the like, are intensively observed to win the competitive world.

In this tough competition, countries are trying to get relative superiority in different fields. For instance, America is getting relative superiority in Aerospace Science, military equipment and economy, as well as Russia, Israel and the United States, taking a high priority in the field of security, and so many others.

The success behind those sectors are scientific research and development, scientific data analysis, research based policy direction, research based decision making, and the availability of research institutions for these sectoral development in general. For instance, the American NASA- in various sectors, as well as South Korean KOT) – in transport sector, are highly successful research centers in their area.

Addis Ababa City Transport Bureau  is established to lead the transport sector, with high technical competency and coordinating the transport sector, designing and implementing various programs and projects in the city’s transportation system, while envisioning efficient, safety, cost-effective, and environmental friendly transport sector.

In the effort of laying firm foundation for the city’s transportation system, different studies  will be conducted; international best practices are attained; the city’s long-term strategies and plans are devised, working relationships with a variety of national and international research institutions will be developed, etc.

We believe that in the process of capacity development (firm and employee skill), this office can be recognized as the model of transport sector, not only as the city, but also in the country. We also envision that this institution will be the model research institution in the transport sector _both national and continental. Like today’s South Korean KOTI, we aim to maintain tomorrow’s prominent Ethiopian Institute, and work hard to that end.



  • The main objective of the Addis Ababa City Transport Bureau is to realize the vision set so as to meet the mission of its establishment. As such, the following specific objectives are driven from the vision of the Addis Ababa City Transport Bureau that have to be concluded successfully in the due course of the Addis Ababa City Transport Bureau.

    1. Development of strategic plans and standards that sustainably augment the current and future transport challenges of Addis Ababa City, supported with immediate to long term implementation strategies of each project and program (i.e., undertaking studies and preparing strategic planning).

    2. Primarily building the capacity of the Addis Ababa City Road Transport Bureau and other stakeholders (i.e., institutional capacity building).

    3. Assuring the successful coordination and integration of the active and planned transport projects and programs of the City (i.e., project coordination and integration).

    4. Creating a system of sustainable operation of transport systems and services of the City (i.e., operations).


The Bureau envisions seeing the city of Addis Ababa having up to standard road networks, providing urban public transport services, and ascertaining road traffic safety that is competent with that of middle income countries by 2020.

Hence, the vision of the Addis Ababa City Transport Bureau is crafted as to form synergy to the endeavor of the Bureau in order to realize its vision. To this end, the Addis Ababa City Transoport bureau envisions seeing: “Reliable, safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly urban transport system for Addis Ababa City by 2024.”


“Set up firm basis for the development of sustainable urban transport system for the City of Addis Ababa, while ameliorating the current challenges.”