Following the rapid population growth and increased socio-economic function of the Addis Ababa City, the demand for transport has increased with unprecedented scale. In a move to respond to the ever increasing demand for mobility, the City administration has launched large scale transport projects and they are in their development phases. Due to the sheer scale of the projects, and their discrete development stance, the administration, in particular the Addis Ababa City Road and Transport Bureau would like to coordinate the development of the projects in such a way that the projects create synergy in responding to the mobility demand. It has, therefore, become necessary to establish a transport program management office (TPMO) that acts as a steering body with a high-level technical skill to lead and to coordinate all the City transport projects including those projects in progress and those projects which are at their pre-implementation phase or that are to be initiated in the near future. Moreover, for a sustainable improvement of the transport sector of the City, it is found necessary to establish an once that provides high-level advise and research-based recommendations and strategic planning to the administration and bureau where-and-how to intervene on areas that can alleviate the day-to-day transport challenges, while at the same time that can capacitate the various stakeholders in the transport sector as to assure sustainable development of the transportation system of the City. The TPMO is also going to initiate and execute transport projects that can alleviate the current challenges while considering long-term effects and projects that have long-term impact. In the sequel, this document provides the mission-vision statements, the objectives, organizational structure, and divisions and duties of all core departments of the TPMO. These are complemented with the required manning of skilled personnel to get the TPMO into its envisioned track.

Organization Structure